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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What is iBankIslami Internet Banking?

A. iBankIslami Internet Banking allows you to access your BankIslami current, savings and other accounts securely over the Internet along with a host of value added and convenient services in a reliable and secure manner.

Q. What facilities are available on iBankIslami Internet Banking?

A. Here's a list of what you can do using IBankIslami Internet Banking:

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENTView all your Accounts Balances and comprehensive Account Related Details View and Download Account Statements in multiple formats

CARD MANAGEMENTReactive, Deactivate or Block your Debit Cards

PAYMENTSPay Bills and Transfer Funds to your Registered Beneficiaries

BENEFICIARY & BILL MANAGEMENTRegister Billing Companies and Beneficiaries for Transfer of Funds

REQUEST MANAGEMENTRequest for Branch Banking Services (new Cheque book, Payment Orders, Demand Draft, Bank Account Statement, Account Certificate etc. Request for Alternate Distribution Channels (SMS Banking, e-Statements, Replacement Cards etc. Request for new services (Term Deposits, Account Opening, Auto Financing, Housing Finance Products and Services Track all requests and minute by minute update

COMPLAINT MANAGEMENTLodge complaints related to all Bank Products and Services Track all complaints and minute by minute update

PAYMENT REMINDERSSet Payment Reminders for Bills and Funds Transfers and set notification via email.

STANDING INSTRUCTIONSSet Registered Bills and Beneficiaries for Automatic Payment. Specify the frequency and amount of payment.

PROFILE MANAGEMENTSetup Customized Profile and Manage your Internet Banking Account

Q. What do I need to seamlessly register myself for iBankIslami Internet Banking?

A. In order to seamlessly apply for iBankIslami Internet Banking, you must have your details (CNIC, Account Number, Mobile Number and Email Address) updated with BankIslami. Email Address is optional i.e. you can register if the same is not provided to the bank but please ensure that the same is entered during online registration so you may get immediate Email Alerts for your transactions and requests in Future.

Q. Are there any additional fees charged for being an iBankIslami Internet Banking user?

A. No. At present iBankIslami Internet Banking is free of charge and you only need to be a BankIslami Customer in order to use iBankIslami Internet Banking, However, from January 2019 you will be charged Rs. 500/- + FED. Charges for services like IBFT will apply as per SOC (Schedule of Charges).

Q. When can I use iBankIslami Internet Banking?

A. You can Login to iBankIslami Internet Banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you ever need help, you can call BankIslami Phone Banking at 111-ISLAMI (111-475-264) 021-111-475-264 (if you're calling from Mobile).

Q. What accounts can I access using iBankIslami Internet Banking?

A. iBankIslami Internet Banking allows you to access all your BankIslami Current and Savings accounts online. You can also view your Foreign Currency Accounts & TDRs through iBankIslami Internet Banking

Q. Do I need to be a BankIslami customer to use iBankIslami Internet Banking?

A. Yes, In order to use iBankIslami Internet Banking, you will need to have a BankIslami Current or Savings account. If you don't already have such an account, you have to open it via any of your nearest BankIslami Branch. For details, call BankIslami Phone Banking at 111-ISLAMI (111-475-264) 021-111-475-264 (if you're calling from Mobile).

Q. How do I register for iBankIslami Internet Banking?

A. Internet Banking registration is via a quick and secure registration process. If you have a BankIslami current or savings account and are not registered yet, simply go to the Internet Banking webpage and press the 'Register Now'. We recommend that you carefully read the 'Getting Started' section before registering. After entering the require credentials you will need to go through the terms & conditions related to Internet Banking and press Accept & Continue button. After verification of the provided details you will be prompted to call BankIslami Phone Banking at 111-ISLAMI (111-475-264) 021-111-475-264 (if you're calling from Mobile) for activation the services. Phone Banker will confirm your personal details and inform you that you will receive a confirmation call from BankIslami on your registered number. Phone Banker will call on your registered number and upon confirmation from you will activate iBankIslami Internet Banking. (please do not share any personal information on the call received from BankIslami Phone Banking).

Q. What should I do when accessing for the first time?

A. Once registered; you can use your CNIC and Password to login to iBankIslami Internet Banking website.

  • Make sure that you have the required hardware and software.
  • Make sure that you register online and activate your iBankIslami Internet Banking without which you would be unable to login.
Q. What if I forget my password after successfully logging in?

A. In case you have forgotten your password, you can get the same from Forget Password Section. After changing the password you will need to call BankIslami Phone Banking for activation of services. New password will be applicable after you get the confirmation call from BankIslami Phone Banking.

Questions Related to Security & Logging In

Q. What must I do to protect my personal details and how can I ensure that no one else has access to my account(s)?

A. Access to your personal and account details are controlled via the login process. It is therefore essential that you do not divulge or write down your CNIC or password. Take great care when logging in. You must change your password in case of suspicion or you can contact our 24/7 Phone Banking immediately at 111-ISLAMI (111-475-264) 021-111-475-264 (if you're calling from Mobile) if you suspect someone has seen your CNIC or password. In case your email address has been hacked, please contact the Phone Banking Department immediately and get the Internet Banking service blocked as all correspondence and OTP is also delivered via email

Q. What must I do if I receive an email asking for my confidential information?

BankIslami will never send emails that ask for confidential information. If you receive an email requesting your Internet Banking security details, you should not respond. Please forward it to us at If you are concerned that you may have divulged your security details please contact us on BankIslami Phone Banking at 111-ISLAMI (111-475-264) 021-111-475-264 (if you're calling from Mobile).

Q. How do you verify I am the account holder when I phone the Phone Banking Department?

A. We at BankIslami take the security of your personal and transaction details very seriously. When calling the Phone Banking Department, you will be verified by the Phone Banker before any requests can be taken.

Q. How do I know that Internet Banking is secure?

A. We have developed the site to take on-board the latest technology employing multiple levels of security. This includes: 128-bit encryption technology, known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is currently the most secure in the industry; Customer UserID, Password deactivation after three unsuccessful tries and an auto signed off period of 2 minutes are some of the security features. We are committed to ensuring that the service we offer is fully secure.

Q. What are my responsibilities as an Internet Banking user, to safeguard my account information and avoid any fraudulent transaction via Internet Banking?

A. It is the responsibility of customer not to share his/her personal information i.e. CNIC, Date of Birth, Mother’s Maiden Name, Father’s Name, Office or Home Address, ATM/Debit Card Numbers, PIN, Card Expiry Date, 3 Digit CVV2 (printed on the back of Debit card)& especially the OTP of your Mobile App & Internet Banking with anyone claiming to be from Pak Army, BankIslami Staff, Government Official, BankIslami Staff, BISP, Lottery Winner etc. The bank shall not be liable to customer for any loss, damage, claims, etc arising out of anything happened due to breach of these Terms & Conditions by the customer.

Q. What is Encryption?

A. Encryption allows information to travel between you and BankIslami in a secure environment that cannot be read by anyone else. It is a way of 'scrambling' information to make it impossible to read unless the recipient has the ability to 'un-scramble' it.

Q. What level of Encryption do you use?

A. The strength of encryption can be measured by the number of 'bits' used in the 'scrambling' process. The latest web browsers use 128-bit encryption: the most secure form currently available. Internet Banking can only be accessed using 128-bit encryption.

Q. What is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

A. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an Internet security standard that ensures all information transmitted between your browser and Internet Banking is encrypted. 128-bit SSL is supported by all major browsers. We recommend you use the latest 'supported' (i.e. not beta) manufacturer browser with any security patches.

Q. Does Internet Banking use Cookies?

A. Internet Banking uses temporary cookies to enable our site to work efficiently. Cookies are small pieces of data which we store within your browser to allow us to see where you are within the site. These are deleted at the end of your session.

Q. Is it safe to conduct Internet banking transaction from internet cafe?

A. We highly advise you to take precaution when conducting transaction from public PC. Generally, public PCs are vulnerable to virus attack and various simple programs unintentionally downloaded. There is a risk that these programs were designed to read any keystrokes you make (including your UserID and Password) and will automatically send the stolen information to the program owner who would take the benefit.

Internet Banking Services

Q. How do I download my statement for use in a spreadsheet like excel or Portable Document Format?

To download a statement for use in a spreadsheet or Portable Document Format, simply select Account Statement under the tab of My Accounts (left hand side). From here you can select the appropriate account, format and date range, view the Statement the click on Excel or PDF for Download in that format or Click Printer Friendly for printing immediately.

Q. What is the telephone number for the 24/7 Phone Banking Department?

BankIslami Phone Banking Department can be contacted at 111-ISLAMI (111-475-264) 021-111-475-264 (if you're calling from Mobile).


Q. What is the minimum computer specification for using iBankIslami Internet Banking?

A. To use iBankIslami Internet Banking you will need a PC which offers the following as a minimum: IBM compatible PC running Microsoft Windows operating system 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT4.0, XP, Windows 7 or an Apple Macintosh running OS7 or above. Pentium or equivalent processor and 32MB RAM. 16 bit high color graphics. Please make sure that you have upgraded your Internet Browser to latest version. Access to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Local Area Network (LAN).

Q. What software do I need to use iBankIslami Internet Banking?

A. iBankIslami Internet Banking is completely platform independent. You can use it on your mobile and tablets as well.

Q. What screen resolution should I use?

A. Internet Banking is designed for a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or above. To check or alter your current resolution, please refer to your PC user manual.

Q. Can I access iBankIslami Internet Banking if I am behind a corporate firewall?

A. Companies who operate a corporate firewall may not permit access to all sites. You should consult with your Local Area Network (LAN) Administrator if you are unable to access Internet Banking.

Q. What should I do if I have a query which is not answered here?

A. If you have a query which is not covered here please contact us on 24/7 Phone Banking at 111-ISLAMI (111-475-264) 021-111-475-264 (if you're calling from Mobile) or you can Email your Queries and Concerns to us via email at We will be happy to answer your query.